Smart Hub transaction fee
OBOT token will be used for paying Transaction fee of bundled services offered by the Smart Hub. Every transaction revenue received by OBOT is split in the following way: 5% for token burns, 20% for marketing & community building, 5% for Non-Profit activities, and 70% for Network Admin fee.
Contract bonus
OBOT token can be used for promoting contract performances between the Smart Hub users. Users collaborating via the Smart Hub can convert some portion of their contract funding into OBOT tokens and allocate them in Escrow Contract as a bonus payment.
Members of the Smart Hub can launch crowdfunding activities to OBOT token holders in the Smart Hub Marketplace. It will be done either by lending with algorithmic interest rate protocol based on calculation of member score/rating or by pledging (similar to Kickstarter) between creators and backers based on Escrow Contract and performance tracking in the Smart Hub’s blockchain network.
Exchanging services
OBOT token will be used in the Smart Hub Marketplace when its users exchange services among them. The Smart Hub Marketplace is a blockchain based decentralized ecosystem that enables buying, selling and exchanging of services without the need of intermediaries among the Smart Hub users.
Member rewarding
The Smart Hub members will be rewarded by OBOT tokens based on their score/rating in the Marketplace. Members will be scored/rated by various ways based on blockchain data and performance histories in the Smart Hub network.
OBOT token allows holders to participate in Governance decisions of the Smart Hub Marketplace. They can exercise voting rights on policies of member enrollment, service exchanges, and crowdfunding activities of the Marketplace.
25,000,000 OBOT
Early Investor Sale  
No lockup
175,000,000 OBOT
IEO tokens  
No lockup
60,000,000 OBOT
Founders & team 
2 years vesting ( 25% release every 6 months )
10,000,000 OBOT
2 years vesting
30,000,000 OBOT
Community building & reserve 
No lockup
300,000,000 OBOT
Max fixed supply
OBORTECH (OBOT) token address:
Always check the token address before you purchase. Beware of scammers. We don't have any pre-sale or airdrop program at the moment. 
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